EYFS Information

EYFS Information

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage? This is the curriculum of learning on which we base our practice.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a comprehensive statutory framework that sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five.

All providers are required to use the EYFS to ensure that whatever setting parents choose, they can be confident their child will receive a quality experience that supports their care, learning and development. –  more information can be found at the Department for Education Website and the Foundation Years Website.

So what does this mean for you and your child?

For all children learning begins at birth. The EYFS will help our practitioners provide appropriate play experiences to enable your child to develop in all areas. It will enable practitioners to recognise your child’s strengths and the areas they need more support in to develop new skills. For young children it is important that they are made to feel safe and secure in their surroundings, this is aided by having a ‘Key Person’ within the setting who gets to know you and your child well and builds a positive relationship with you both.

The EYFS means that wherever your child is being cared for or educated between 0-5years they will be following the same set of principles, they will be offered a ‘principled play based approach to learning and development’. Young children learn best through play and our Early Years Practitioners will be able to provide your child with appropriate play and learning experiences for their stage of development and help them develop new skills.

The experiences and activities that are provided for your child will underpin the skills they need to develop in the following areas:

Prime areas

  • Communication and Language –  CL
  • Personal Social & Emotional Development – PSED
  • Physical Development – PD

Specific areas

  • Literacy – L
  • Mathematics – M
  • Understanding the World – UW
  • Expressive Arts and Design – EAD


What to expect in the EYFS?

Download the PDF using the link below for guidance to your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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